Why earphone needed to play radio on mobile?

In general, any part of the cable can act as a receiver /transmitter of wireless signals, it does not need to be a perfectly sized antenna, however, the quality of signal reception / transmission of each type of antenna provides factors in each case

The question is, do the thin wires inside the headphones make the antenna work so that the phone/iPod receives the FM signal?

Usually the wire connected to the ground will be used for this purpose, The wire inside will have signal/frequency; audio and receptioncircuits inside cell phones/devices can detect frequencies and act as needed, since the human audible range is limited to 20 – 20⁰, we cannot hear other (FM signals) high frequencies that are usually of the order of 20 – 20⁰, the

For this matter, we don’t necessarily have to plug in a pair of headphones that work well, even if you connect the headphone jack (3.5″ mm pin, the pin at the end of your headphones), the connector, I mean, is just a connector without wires, it would still work as an antenna ❶ if the power of the signals around were high, it would work well, otherwise the signal reception would be very limited, in the same way

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