Top 10 Singaporean Radio Stations in Live Online Radio

There are many popular radio stations in Singapore. There are usually three radio stations in Singapore namely Mediacorp Radio, So Drama! Entertainment and SPH Radio. These radio stations offer music, news, progressive talk, religious programs, live events, etc. Singapore radio stations have a large business market due to the large number of radio listeners. These commercial radio stations derive their operating budget from advertising sales.

Below, briefly describe the top 10 most popular Singaporean radio stations in live online radio:

Clase 95 Fm is a contemporary pop radio station dedicated to music programs. Here’s adult contemporary pop, rock, and country music from the ’70s brought to today’s pop audience. You will be able to enjoy many great mixes of the best songs from different musical genres. Don’t miss out on great music and radio shows from this amazing station.

The Mediacorp company owns this radio station. It is currently the number one English language radio station in Singapore. Class 95 FM is proud to be the only English language radio station in all of Singapore.

Motto: The best mix of music (current)


YES 93.3 FM offers China’s Top 40 adult contemporary pop music and lifestyle programming. It is a 24-hour music station that plays contemporary hits. It is the main Chinese-language radio station in the country; You will hear many Chinese songs from different musical genres. Mediacorp owns this radio station.

The station was previously known as 933 醉心道道 in Chinese and is a Mandarin language radio station. This radio station broadcasts in Chinese, one of the official languages ​​of the country.

Radio Tagline: 顶尖时间音乐电台 (Top Pop Radio).


LOVE 97.2FM offers modern Mandarin music from the 1980s to the present, as well as lifestyle programs for today’s designers. It is an adult contemporary music station and listeners can easily find and listen to their favorite shows. It is a radio station owned and operated by Mediacorp.

This radio station is one of the most popular in Singapore, offering not only adult contemporary music and lifestyle programs, but also a team of the best-known celebrity DJs to bring your brand message to life.

Radio Slogan: 有你情主真好 (Good Fare)


Warna 94.2 FM is one of the oldest radio stations in Singapore. The station offers an exceptional mix of international Malay music from the 1950s and beyond, and general Islamic services for Singapore. This radio station regularly plays adult contemporary music, Malaysian classic rock, and pop music. It is owned and operated by Mediacorp.

Warna 94.2 FM began operations in Singapore under Malayan suzerainty on 31 August 1957 under the former name RTS Radio 2. News, lifestyle magazine programs and infotainment are also popular on this radio station.

Warna 94.2 FM radio slogan: “Serentak Semasa”


Gold 90.5 is a famous radio station in Singapore; It offers music from classic hits, the latest programs on politics, sports, business, entertainment and general news. Stream the best classics from the ’80s and ’90s; The basic genre is hit classical music. This radio station is one of the oldest in the country. Mediacorp owns this radio station. The radio was previously known as “Radio Singapore” when it first went on the air in 1959.

Slogan – “It feels good, it feels good” Mediacorp.


Capital 95.8 FM is a Mandarin language news and information radio station operating from Singapore. Its information, music, news and entertainment are 100% in Chinese. This station is one of the oldest radio stations in Singapore. Keeps your audience abreast of current events through news. Nostalgic songs from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as lifestyle and financial news shows, are also broadcast here.

This radio station is owned and operated by Mediacorp. He keeps listeners informed on what’s going on, what’s going on, and what’s going on through his talk show, local, global, and business news. His shows often include gossip, speculation, and exaggeration about current affairs. Hi Singapore, (Current Affairs Program) is a very popular program on this radio.

Radio Slogan- 新新及资源电视电台第一言言 (Number one news and information radio).


987 FM is an international online radio station that offers adult contemporary pop and rock music with local spices and essences. This station is dedicated to the latest hit music from around the world and takes you above the noise every day. Mediacorp owns this station.

987 FM plays the latest hits and takes you above the noise every day with its energetic, upbeat and downright eccentric DJ team. These radio shows entertain you with music, gossip, songs, jokes, skits, lots of prizes and exclusive invitations!

Radio Slogan – Singapore’s #1 for new hits.


Kiss 92 FM offers content that women love. Its main genres are adult contemporary music and it offers informative content for modern, inspired and smart women. Here she provides the latest informative content to educate and inspire women. This radio station is Singapore’s first radio station targeting middle-aged women, with engaging content including parenting, modern lifestyle, travel, health, beauty, fashion, and career education.

Slogan: “All the great songs in one place”


Olly FM 96.8 is one of the most popular thematic radios. Here it provides news, Tamil music and entertainment for the Indian community in various Indian languages ​​Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam and Telugu. Energetic and engaging DJs keep the fun going all day and night. They are always connected with their listeners to create a more refined radio service.

Oli FM is dedicated to informative entertainment. It is the only official Tamil language radio station launched. It is owned and operated by Mediacorp.


Symphony 92.4 FM is a popular classical music radio station. The station is dedicated to classical music and arts and also offers a variety of classical music, jazz, musical theatre, film music and entertainment programs. If you are a lover of classical music, Symphony 92.4 FM is the station to tune in and listen to the best classical tunes with interesting programs throughout the day and night.

Symphony 92.4 FM is proud to be the only radio station in Singapore dedicated to classical music and arts. This radio station is owned and operated by Mediacorp of Singapore.

Motto: Only the best music


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