How to make a routine for daily life

People say something. Living, eating, walking, walking, sitting and even all kinds of work needs to have a systematic sequence and a well-managed route map. What I mean is that we need to follow a routine for every activity in our daily life. When we look at developed countries today, we see that they follow a specific roadmap.

How to make a routine for daily life

Because we are unconscious about this, our country and the entire nation cannot move forward in the path of achieving well-defined goals. So there is no question that students of school and college level will go under this route map, if every person of our Bangladesh goes under this route map, our country can go far in the near future.

Let’s talk about students

Whether a student is good or bad, if he studies according to the routine from the beginning of the year, he will definitely pass the exam with good results at the end of the year.

There are some parenting problems that he can solve on his own and the rest of the problems will have to be solved by his guardian. To solve these problems he has to approach various coaching centers or a teacher. No matter whether the problem is small or big, some problems are created subconsciously and some problems are mental.

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What we must be careful about to deal with these issues is……

Proficiency in conventional language:- As a student we have to acquire proficiency in language according to conventional norms and principles to achieve well-defined goals. We need to increase our linguistic skills with focus on Bengali and English.

Don’t give up on studies:- It is normal that there will be obstacles in studies. Therefore, if you give up your studies, you will never progress in life. You have to identify the various problems related to your studies. It is only by taking action on your part that you can climb to the pinnacle of progress.

Practicing Reading Mindset and Writing: No matter what you read, if you don’t have a reading mind-set, you will never reach your destination. Secondly, you must have the mindset to write what you understand. One thing is that it is better to understand “1” time than to read “100” times without understanding.

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