Back pain at an early age? Know the cause and way to get rid of fit!

Riful Haque, 35 years old. For a few days, the pain started from the waist and moved to the legs. The type of pain is a bit strange. Lots of relaxation or paralysis. He thought it was due to sitting continuously. He stood and walked between jobs from then on. But the discomfort does not decrease, but rather increases the pain. Let us know now why Arif sahib is in so much pain and how to get rid of this pain. Many people have back pain at a young age. This problem is increasing day by day. Learn the reasons and ways to get rid of it.

Why is back pain at a young age?

  1. Those who sit in the office for a long time and work in the same posture. You can see that back pain increases.
  2. Severe back pain may be felt if the sitting chair table does not adjust properly or if you do not sit properly or tilt back and forth.
  3. Driving for long periods of time or leaning too far forward can cause back pain. Some back support should be taken while riding.
  4. People who read books or do other work while lying down or bending over suffer spinal damage and experience back pain at an early age.
  5. There are many people who do not lift heavy objects correctly. As a result, abnormal pressure is put on the spine and it is damaged causing pain.


  • At first, there was little pain in the back, but little by little the pain increased.
  • Sometimes the patient may not be able to walk
  • The pain sometimes extends from the waist to the legs.
  • feet are tingling
  • In most cases, lying on your back will reduce the pain.
  • The pain increases with the slightest movement of the waist.
  • It can be hard to wake up in the morning.
  • Legs may cramp or get stuck when walking
  • The pain may radiate to both legs or to either leg.
  • Cramps and stiffness of the lumbar muscles
  • Legs become numb and heavy, leg strength is reduced
  • Back pain during daily activities like praying, taking a hot bath, walking, etc.

When to consult a doctor?

Talk to a doctor if you have sharp pains after heavy lifting or overexertion, pain that spreads from the waist to the hips, thighs, and toes. Get medical attention right away if you experience weakness or numbness in your legs, pain that gets worse when you sneeze or cough, or bend forward, and loss of bowel or urinary control.

Treatment and way of salvation.

  1. In case of slight pain, medicine should be taken without negligence and absolute rest should be taken.
  2. In many cases, benefits can be obtained by applying hot paste to the waist. You can use different ointments for back pain. But don’t massage.
  3. A physical therapy specialist should be consulted if the pain persists for more than three days.
  4. Many people take multiple pain relievers when they have back pain. That’s not quite right. Back pain can occur at a young age for various reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to take medication on the advice of the doctor.

Some exercises to reduce back pain

1) Lying on the bed with both hands on both sides of the body and both legs should be straight. Raise one leg as high as you can without bending the knee. Legs should be raised for 10 seconds. Similarly, raise the other leg and take the same time.

2) Now simultaneously raise both legs without bending the knees and take the same time.

3) Now bend one knee and hold it with both hands and try to bring the knee to the chest. Hold for 10 seconds. Similarly, the other knee should be placed on the chest.

If the pain does not go away even after doing these exercises, you should take proper treatment such as mobilization, manipulation, stretching to get a complete treatment. In that case consult a specialist in physiotherapy. Back pain at a young age but can not be neglected! Calcium must be eaten to prevent bone loss. Remember, 90 percent of back pain patients improve within two months with proper treatment. So take proper treatment, stay healthy.

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