Do not take sexual stimulants

Don’t take stimulants – Necessary fitness exercises can keep the body fit and produce the required blood flow to get good results. Exercise is not only helpful in building the body, but exercise does not allow fat to accumulate in the blood vessels. As a result, the risk of blockage in the blood vessels of the heart is less. I have always said that 90-95% of men’s physical problems are mental. And mental problems do not require any medication. A little counseling can solve the problem. Erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PME) are two of the main physical problems of married men. There are also other physical problems in men and women that affect sex life. However, ED and PME require little treatment for these two physical problems. However, under no circumstances should one take sexual aphrodisiacs like Viagra without a doctor’s advice.

Apart from medication and counselling, fitness is more needed to solve physical problems. In many cases husband-wife relationship requires proper timing and proper environment. Regular exercise is good to keep the body fit. Many people ask, Doctor, what is the relationship between exercise and the success of marriage between husband and wife. Why will I come to you if I exercise and get fit etc. etc. I spend a lot of time on such questions. This example is often given by the world famous football star Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. How bad the performance can be if the body is not fit has been seen in many games of these two world stars. I have never seen Ronaldo except on the television screen. But saw Ronaldinho in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Not to play, but to practice.

Anyone who watches this hard-working cricketer practice can realize how powerful his arms and legs can be. And if this talented player enters the field without practicing for a month, then one can also wonder how the performance will be. In this way, the body needs to be kept fit for the desired results of the husband and wife. At a young age, he got good results despite not keeping his body in good shape. But it should be remembered that as the age increases, the body needs more fitness. And there is no alternative to exercise to keep the body fit. It is good to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. But those who can exercise for 50 to 60 minutes or an hour are more fit. Therefore, it is not right to have intercourse immediately after strenuous physical work or long exercise. During exercise, the blood circulation of the body increases, in many cases the blood pressure also increases. It takes at least three hours for the body to recover after exercise. Exercise increases male fitness in two ways. A • Regular exercise helps in building the body and increases energy or strength in the body.

Two• Regular exercise increases circulation and reduces blood pooling. It should always be remembered that the lower the fat in the blood, the more helpful it is in getting a long time in the union of husband and wife. Not only should it be low in fat, it should also be free of high blood pressure and diabetes. I will write another day how diabetes creates problems in marriage. It should be remembered that only blood flow plays a major role in male mating. Having complete mental and physical preparation, the male takes his final preparation through the flow of blood. If for some reason the blood flow is not proper in a particular place or the blood comes out quickly after the blood flow then the union of husband and wife cannot last long. And if there is no other disease causing obstruction in blood flow in the body, the body can be kept fit through exercise and the necessary blood flow is created to get good results. Exercise is not only helpful in building the body, but exercise also prevents the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels. As a result, the risk of blockage in the blood vessels of the heart is less. So men should do regular exercise to keep the body fit. I will end the article with an example. Last week I had a patient in the chamber who was 80 years old. No patient of this age came with physical problems or sexual problems. Earlier I had a 76 year old patient. I thought this was an older man whom I called uncle. Uncle had many seborrheic keratosis or thick black skin on his face. Much like a flat wart. I thought I wanted to remove them. Because lately many old male patients are coming to remove facial spots, warts, moles, thick skin. Among them are several politicians, former secretaries, senior journalists and civil society leaders. I think these VIP male patients are seen more often on satellite channels these days.

So maybe this service of mouth. However, I asked my uncle what was the problem. He smiled and said, I am old but the desire is still there. Is there any treatment for patients of this age? However, I talked with my uncle for about 45 minutes. Uncle said, he was good till 70/72 years. His wife is 50 and they have 8 children. Uncle also told that even at this age he used to walk every day after Fajr prayer. Adhere to various rules and regulations. Even at this age he could not touch high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. Exercise regularly to maintain a strong body like your uncle. Eat in moderation. Dr Moral Nazrul Islam is a hair loss, sexual problems and dermatology specialist and laser and cosmetic surgeon.

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