What does cyber crime mean? How many types are there?

In today’s technological age, where the use of computers and the Internet is continuously increasing, it seems very difficult to do any job without the help of a computer. Criminals are also becoming high-tech with technology in view of the continuous development in the field of the Internet. They are committing crimes using computers, the internet, digital devices and the world wide web etc. Online fraud or theft also falls into this category. Hacking someone’s website or stealing data from the system, all these methods are included in cyber crime.

What is cybercrime?

Crimes committed through the Internet, that is, the Internet, are called cyber crimes, that is, high-tech crimes committed through the Internet are called cyber crimes. By virtue of this, crimes like credit card theft, blackmail, and robbery are carried out with the help of the Internet.

What are the types of cyber crimes?

Cybercrime often takes many forms. I have mentioned some of them. Only then will you understand.
hack hack…

When a person steals, destroys or modifies the data on your computer, network and server, etc. through technology or software for their own purposes, this process is called hacking. The person who performs this trick is called a hacker. Hacking is a process in which a person illegally interferes with a person’s personal information without permission.

To do this, some criminal organizations through ethical hackers can break the security of your website and hack it completely. Beyond that, they can hack into your social media access and use your identity. The biggest part of this crime is that the owner of the computer doesn’t even know that a hacker is using all the information on his computer in his own name.

Identity theft…

These incidents often happen to people in high positions who deal with all kinds of cash transactions with banks or their customers. In such a situation, any of your associates or close acquaintances silently steal all the information related to your account, not even after obtaining your bank credit card number, ATM card, etc., although this is a very serious cybercrime. great.

cyber bullying

This type of crime is mainly done through social media like Facebook, Instagram, email sites, etc. By virtue of this, criminals harass people who are young children or adolescents. Chat with them abusively or even send them photos upside down. In such a situation, due to the lack of understanding and knowledge among the children, they are victims and are repeatedly harassed and blackmailed by the criminal front with different identifications.

Software viruses……….

The crooks use some software, which looks very attractive, but if they are clicked or downloaded to your phone or computer, your computer and phone may get hacked completely. In such a situation, they get complete information i.e. your computer and phone information and also get access to all your accounts.

Cyber ​​espionage…

Under cyber espionage, some cameras are quietly installed in bathrooms and rooms of some major hotels. Some obscene photos and videos of those girls were recorded on that camera. Something similar is done in shopping malls or in some clothing stores, where girls change their clothes and check their size. The girls are blackmailed by taking photos and videos of them, which is a highly punishable cyber crime.


There are also many other types of cybercrime.
If you commit all these crimes, you can get a big punishment like jail. So stay away from all these crimes. If you like the article, share it with your friends.

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