Best websites to listen to FM radio online

If you are looking to listen to FM radio online through internet then this is the list of some of the best online FM radio websites. No matter how far the media advances, I will not be mistaken in saying that the traditions and demands of radio remain immeasurable A study by the University of California, led by the University of California, has found that more than a billion people around the world listen to FM radio weekly

With the change of era, although the audience’s listening patterns of radio programs changed, their love for radio did not fade at all.

Let’s start by knowing what exactly is the reason why radio is still at the peak of popularity in this digital world.

Why is radio so popular ?

Firstly, the wireless device is small in size and easily portable, in addition, now smartphones, cars or other devices are also equipped with this radio. Most of the time we listen to music or news on the radio. Since this is the only audio medium, radio programs can be listened to without any obstacles to doing their own work.

Secondly, the audience does not have to pay money to listen to the radio separately, since it is governed by advertising As a result, people of any financial condition can receive radio services for free.

Thirdly, the biggest advantage of wireless technology is that you can listen to radio programs from any device, such as a computer, laptop, smart speaker or even a phone. There are very few people who use the old Philips or Murphy radio. The digital age has changed a lot in today’s online web radio.

In the future, these digital audio streaming or Internet radio channels could gain about 38% of the audience.

In today’s article, you will get acquainted with the list of the best online websites for listening to radio.

However, it is important to know a little about our radio.

What is web radio?

Radio no longer means those old antenna batteries, but now radio means that you can listen to those radio channels through your Internet connection, be it the Internet, Web or online radio.

From the name, you can guess that you need a broadband connection to listen to this type of radio. The peculiarity of this web radio is that, like ordinary radio, this medium is not transmitted by means of AM or FM waves. Rather, this medium is completely dependent on the Internet medium. That is, you cannot play this web radio in any way if there is no Internet connection. You can listen to these FM radio stations online only if you use Wi-Fi or mobile data on your device. With just the Internet, you can do live streaming of thousands of digital radio stations from anywhere in the world in this Moderna streaming radio.

To enjoy the fun of this web radio, you just need a phone with Internet access or a mobile device. Here, there are not a lot of languages, you can enjoy audio programs of any language of the world that your mind likes.

If you want to listen to radio programs in other languages besides English, Hindi, Bengali –

You can visit this link:

This is an online FM radio website to listen to Bangladesh, India and many other countries abroad.

How many online radio stations are there on the internet?

According to the 2020 survey, there are more than 100,000 internet radio stations in 22 languages from 197 countries around the world.

What are the benefits of web radio?

  1. For most people, these online radio stations are more convenient and easy to use than analog radio. Every time you play Internet radio on your mobile device, it will automatically find available stations and add them to your playlist. On the other hand, using a normal radio requires you to turn the knob to change the channel.
  1. The types of services offered by Internet Radio are – News, Sports, Debate, Music and others. Everything you get on traditional streaming radio stations, you get on the internet or web radio.

List of websites to listen to online radio

This article lists several websites for your convenience through which you can listen to online radio over the Internet.

    This Kolkata website is the next generation radio network connected to more than 50 lakh Bengalis across the globe. They broadcast online streaming of 12 different genres to bring the diverse music world of Bengal to Bengalis all over the world. This website can be accessed from any platform such as web, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, tablets, smart TVs, smart speakers, connected cars, game consoles, e-readers.
    Our curated website has over 1,000 UK and Indian radio stations and thousands of podcasts that you can listen to for free. Also, you can choose the genre of your preference and listen to the best radio stations and podcasts anytime, anywhere. You can access the world of radio through this website using any browser, iOS or Android device. The best advantage of this site is that you have the freedom to choose radio stations according to the genre of music you listen to. Live streaming of almost all popular Bengali FM radio channels is available here.
    Apart from Bengali, you can listen to FM radio channels in different languages ​​of India all the time on this website. Also, here you will find world music genres, Indian music, Bollywood, Tamil music and various radio talk shows. You can also listen to English FM radio stations here if you want.
    This is a UK website. You can find 14 online Bengali radio stations on this website. Specifically, this site allows live streaming of famous radio stations from India and Bangladesh. Apart from that, you will find more than 40,000 radio stations and 2,100,000 podcasts.
    The fun part of this website is that you can listen to radio by country and by genre from different countries. Also, watch TV shows. However, in total you will get 23 Bangla Radio Stations here. Many audio channels based on news and entertainment from India and Bangladesh can be found on this website.
    This radio portal is an online platform where you can listen to free Indian radio stations online. Here you will find a collection of more than 650 radio stations in Tamil, Hindi, Bengali and other languages. This website has categorized all the stations by genre and city and state. You can easily find your favorite channel using the search bar.
    On this website you will find most online Bengali radio audio stations in India and Bangladesh. Also, you can listen to various Bengali audio stories and podcasts from here. You can access this archive of live radio stations from any smartphone.


So friends through today’s article we have come to know about some of the best online radio websites list. If you like our today’s article, then be sure to share the article. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please comment below.

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