Is back pain increasing due to continuous sitting in the workplace?

Rabib’s neck is in severe pain. I didn’t sleep well at night, the workload in the office was high yesterday! She bore the pain in silence, thinking that she would be cured with a little rest! But the pain spreads beyond her neck to her back, shoulders and hands. This time, Rabib ran to the doctor, unable to reduce the pain. The doctor told him that due to the long hours of continuous computer work in the office, he had problems with his neck muscles. But you can’t quit work and stay home! So the way? Many people like Rabib face this problem. If he follows a few simple rules while continually working at the workplace, he won’t have to suffer as much pain. Let us Physiotherapy Consultant and Gerontologist know what to do to alleviate this problem easily.

Chronic neck and back pain.

According to research from the Harvard Medical Center, long-term neck and back pain can reduce people’s work efficiency, reduce memory, and cause mood swings. The pain also causes trouble sleeping. Due to these reasons, office work gets interrupted, many times people are hesitating to make the right decision at the right time. Working men and women spend most of their day sitting in an office chair. The health of your spine depends on this chair to sit on.

Continuous sitting work and proper selection of chairs in the workplace

Today most people go to the doctor with back pain, spinal problems of various kinds. Many may not be aware that their sitting chair alone is responsible for these spinal problems. Let’s find out what harm a single chair can do to us and what is the way to get rid of this problem. Three factors are attributed as the main causes of pain due to office work.

  • Work at the table sitting in a chair with the body leaning forward
  • Talking on the phone with my neck bent
  • No body movement for a long time (while working).

Keep a few things in mind

  1. If the chair does not support the spine, the muscles tense; As a result of which pain in the neck and back begins.
  2. If the height of the chair is not balanced with the office table, it becomes difficult to work. For example, there may be pain in the wrist.
  3. If you do a lot of typing or computer work, you should choose a chair that provides support for your hands.
  1. Office chairs should be spacious and comfortable.
  2. While selecting the chair, please check if the neck support is available.
  3. If you don’t sit on the proper chair while continuously working in the workplace, it will hamper the work progress. That is why a suitable and healthy chair plays a very important role in maintaining concentration at work.

How to choose the right chair?

First check if the chair is suitable for your height. The height of the seat for sitting should be coordinated with the table. See if the feet touch the ground. Also check if the chair feels comfortable after sitting down. The chair should have handles, the armrests should be comfortable. The shoulders should not sag after placing the hands. Some more things are important to keep in mind. For example-

1) Notice how your back conforms to the chair, whether your spine is straight or not. The back is padded to make it comfortable to sit on. These chairs are good for sitting for long periods of time.

2) Back support must be guaranteed. The spine is straight when the lower back is against the chair. It is recommended to have a wide seat in the chair to reduce back pain. The ideal width of the chair seat is 17 to 20 inches. The backrest, the width of the seat must be taken care of to guarantee a healthy chair.

3) If you are working on a computer/laptop, then after sitting on the chair you should also check if your eye level is correct. The laptop/computer should be held in such a way that it is not necessary to lower the neck while working.

4) One type of chair is required for each job. Select the chair according to your work area. Choose the right chair while sitting not only in the office but also at home. It will eliminate all spinal problems including back pain.

Way of salvation

Neither sitting nor lying down continuously is good for the spine. Those who work sitting down for a long time should take a short walk every 30 minutes. Extend your arms and legs as you continually work on the job site to break the tension. This will eliminate the stiffness of the spine and the pressure on the spine due to continuous sitting can also be greatly reduced. If neck and back pain persists for more than three months, it becomes a permanent, long-term condition. Therefore, it must be treated at the initial stage.

See the solutions at a glance:

  • Select the right chair
  • Ensure back support
  • Walk a bit between continuous work
  • Break down the barrier between working
  • Keep eye level with the laptop or PC screen after sitting in the chair

Continuous sitting in the workplace can cause physical discomfort, it is very normal. You have to be aware of your health. Include calcium-rich foods in your diet. Do exercise or yoga at the beginning of the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator in the office. Being in shape is not difficult. Until today, everyone stay healthy.

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